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Children want to be in control of their own allowance money. GoForIt! is a banking and game experience on the phone for (pre)adolescence that is a part of their everyday life. It makes saving and spending money fun, and children are in control of their allowance. 


Together with their children, parents order a GoForIt! account at Swedbanks website. They define what the weekly allowance is, and the short-term and long-term saving goals. After a few days the child receive a welcome-kit from Swedbank with more information on how to save and spend. There is a QR-code in the welcome-kit to download the app, and saving account symbols (RFID-tags) that represent the saving goals that was set up. Once a week the child recieve allowance money on the phone that is available to spend or save. When shopping, the child have to scan the barcode on the product to pay. Sound and motion graphic on the phone visualize the spending, and what is left of the allowance. To nudge for saving the graphic on the phone will always visualize how close you are to reach your saving goal. Any time during the week the child can choose to transfer what is left of the allowance money to the saving account, by scanning the saving account symbols (RFID tags). When the saving goal is reached, motion graphic and sound on the phone will tell you, and the child buy what he/she have been wishing for :)

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